Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of the transit procedure Suojiang Fluorosilicone Investigagion

September 23, Chinese Academy director Suojiang in Quzhou City Science and Technology Secretary Xu shall implement, accompanied by City Investment Office deputy zhouxiang ren, Quzhou green industry cluster Party Working Committee, deputy director of jianming yang wait, come to transit Fluorosilicone survey and study.
Workers led by Deputy Director Yang Qinghong visited Suojiang Silicone New Material Research Institute, in the operating room control, quality assurance center to them in detail the operation of the company's production plant. In the conference room, and along with Director Zhang to five Dr. Yang on new product development and to do downstream of the exchange, development and application of silicone products proposed guidance.

Suojiang director said: silicone downstream products, enterprises should upgrade to the height to plan strategy, the Institute and producers to exercise different roles in the product development process; to take advantage of a good relationship between the two, the development of technology content, but also to adapt to new market demands.

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