Career planning

The company offers not only a "job" is more important is to provide a can strive for "cause." Employees at work, as well as to contribute to the company, will enhance their ability and quality to realize the maximum value of personal value. The company is very concerned about the personal development of employees, line managers and HR staff coach and mentor staff career development counseling, they provide "personal career planning" guidance to employees and help employees reach a "planning" goal.
Zhongtian Benefits:

Social insurance: pension, medical, work injury insurance to provide effective protection for the employee's work and life.
Incentives: or outstanding performance of employees to work hard to be rewarded. Such as Technological Innovation Award, rationalization proposals Award.

Training and Development: the company has a comprehensive training system, provide personal development and learning opportunities for staff.
Meals: Workdays company will provide three meals a day for all employees.
Housing subsidies: the company free to provide staff quarters, did not provide housing subsidies to employees in the company accommodation.
Employees Activities: company employees organize various cultural and recreational activities, including table tennis competitions, badminton, outdoor development, group travel, and other large party, enrich employees amateur life, but also enhance team cohesion and morale.

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